Thesis Ideation: Reference


During my meeting with Dr. Lacovara yesterday, we traded reference materials and resources to keep in mind when going forward. Here they are!


This Puertasaur reconstruction is pretty awesome, albeit a little too jiggly for my tastes. Either way, it’s a good starting point, especially since it was all created in Maya and ZBrush! I’m willing to learn Houdini for this project, but if I’d prefer spending limited time learning new software. Dr. Lacovara specifically said that he wanted Dreadnoughtus to be a bit jiggly, since it would be a massive, fleshy mass of skin, fat, muscle, and air pockets.


As goofy as their martial art style may be, these giraffes are pretty badass. Because of the frailty of sauropod skulls and neck vertibrae, Dreadnoughtus probably wouldn’t do too much neck combat. That being said, the cinematography and behaviors in this documentary-style video are worth taking note of.


At :26, this komodo dragon tail whips a monkey. While this isn’t necessarily the best reference (since komodo dragons have splayed stances and Dreadnoughtus is upright with a wide gate), The quadrupedal reference might be useful.


This movie makes me cry every single time. Stylized as it may be, any Lucas / Spielberg cinematography depiction of a sauropod fighting with its tail should be useful!


This bull elephant is also pretty fantastic reference: