Dreamscapes: People’s Choice Award Winner @ the PMA Hackathon (2017)


Who hasn’t imagined themselves stepping into the landscape of a van Gogh or a Monet?

Team “Day Bakers” from Night Kitchen Interactive won People’s Choice award for Dreamscapes, an app that invites visitors to unlock 3D-enhanced works of art and explore the immersive VR environments they inspire.

I developed the pipeline for creating VR “dreamscapes” using panoramic photography and neural-style filtering. I also implemented the narrative structure and assets in Unity, managed the project and created UI assets. I was initially inspired by my neural-style enhanced photosphere experiments, posted in Deepsytle VR Photos of Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Dreamscapes was created by Night Kitchen Interactive for the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Power of Art 2.0” Hackathon, in the Spring of 2017.  It was developed in tandem with my research into location-aware technology, AR, projection mapping, VR panorama capture, and neural-styled texture generation.

To learn about this project, please visit the Night Kitchen blog or our devpost page.