Thesis Ideation: Past Work with Dreadnoughtus

"Dreadnoughtus" by Jennifer Hall

“Dreadnoughtus” by Jennifer Hall

When I was little, I wanted to be a paleontologist more than anything in the world. The idea of discovering the fossilized remains of ancient creatures who ruled the earth millions of years before the evolution of modern mammals was just SO COOL that ten-year-old Valentina couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Although  I ended up going into Digital Media (a field of study which I am absolutely in love with), I still made a point to keep in touch with my childhood interests. I’ve been volunteering at the Drexel Paleontology lab since the Summer after my freshman year, 3D laser scanning the fossils of Dreadnoughtus schrani, a 70-million year old sauropod dinosaur. Dreadnoughtus takes the prize for having the highest calculable mass of any land animal ever discovered, and was recently featured in just about every major news outlet ever.  It’s a pretty big (hah! Pun!) deal.

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