SPROJ: Dyer & Danforth WIP


After a few weeks of work, I’ve rendered out the first WIP turntables for our Senior Project characters!

On the left is Danforth, a young graduate student with an open and brilliant mind. On the right is Dyer, a seasoned explorer with a stubborn sense of command.

Both characters were modeled by my teammate Gabriel Valdivia, I then created the textures, shaders, and hair / fur systems. Both characters are rendered in V-Ray, and I painted different levels of subdermal maps for the sub-surface scatter material. Danforth’s hair and eyebrows are VRay fur, along with Dyer’s eyebrows. Dyer’s hair and mustache were created in xGen for Maya, then exported as curves and converted to dynamic nHair. All hair and fur systems were rendered with VRayHairMtl3 shaders.

In the next round of characters, I’m aiming to have completed hat shaders for Dyer, a redone mustache for Dyer (that doesn’t look like it’s floating off his face), and modeled and textured clothing.

For more frequent updates on this project, feel free to check out http://mountainsofmadness.net!