SPROJ: At the Mountains of Madness

"Shoggoth Rising" by David Maguire

“Shoggoth Rising” by David Maguire

For my senior project, I am producing an animated adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, a thrilling tale following two explorers who discover an ancient horror deep within the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

I’m VERY excited about this project, and I’m happy to announce that our initial pitch on Tuesday went wonderfully! Aside from a few minor presentation issues, the digital media faculty responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our team had gotten a head start and have been working on our pre-production since June, so I’m incredibly relieved to hear that this work wasn’t all in vain. Hallelujah! We can continue!

Now, I probably won’t post here entirely too often about my Senior Project, since I have another site dedicated entirely to it that I am required to update at least twice a week. That being said, I’ll still copy over the good stuff!

If you’re interested in checking out our production blog in all its unpolished, gritty glory, you’ll want to follow http://mountainsofmadness.net. 

(And please, if you have ANY comments, critiques, or feedback, let us know! We’ll love to hear it.)