Slack Rave



(This post is going to consist of me raving about how great Slack is.)

Slack is a team communication platform that is easily my favorite recently-discovered app. Slack is like if old school AIM chatrooms, Facebook, and Google Drive all hooked up and had a beautiful code-baby together. I began using it at my job (Leadnomics), and over the summer I got my senior project team using it.

Now, when getting a group of people to switch over from a familiar program (Facebook) to something completely unknown (Slack) for something they do every day (communication), it stands to reason that there would be some reluctance during the switch. People like using what they’re used to, right? Don’t we all fear the unknown?

Nope, not with Slack. It’s gotten to the point where my teammates actively PREFER contacting me / each other through Slack, instead of texting or using Facebook chat. It’s just that good.

So, what makes Slack so cool? Oh, let me count the ways…

  • The free version is more than adequate for small teams (fewer than ten members). I hate it when “freemium” apps are shipped with an almost worthless free version.
  • It has one of the most gorgeous UX designs I’ve ever seen in a productivity app.
  • EVERYTHING is archived and searchable. If you remember sending somebody an image with the message “this shit is amazeballs,” you can search “amazeballs” and it’ll give you the image, the date, the context, and a download link without ever navigating away.
  • It automatically embeds linked images, videos, and even SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS into your messages with beautiful little custom widgets.
  • It has emojis.
  • It allows you to sort your team into public or private groups, open channels, and private direct messages.
  • It’s PERFECT for task automation. Slack supports a ton of native integrations, and when that doesn’t cut it you can use a third party macro program like Zapier to script your own. I use Slack to notify my team about Trello task assignments, to post files uploaded to Google Drive into a media channel (useful for instant critiques of work), and to update task lists on TeamworkPM. This automation has saved me countless hours of production management, so I am able to spend my time creating art assets along with my team.
  • It compliments you! (No, seriously, the loading pages tell you how nice you look. It’s creepy, but flattering).
  • It’s available EVERYWHERE. I have Slack on my phone, my Chrome extensions and as a local program on my work PC.
  • You can adjust notification settings to be bothered as much or as little as you want!

So friends, if you’re looking for a new way to stay in contact with a group of people and never miss a single thing they say, I highly recommend Slack.

And nope, Slack did not pay me to write this. 😉