At the Mountains of Madness


During my senior year at Drexel, I was the producer, texture artist, and compositing lead for a 9-minute animated adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. I led a team of 7 talented student animators, modelers, technical artists, and compositors, and worked with over a dozen external collaborators.

At the Mountains of Madness is a psychological horror story about two explorers named Dyer and Danforth. When Dyer’s mentor Professor Lake discovers a strange creature frozen beneath an uncharted Antarctic mountain range, Dyer and Danforth fly to his research base to learn more. They arrive to find the camp destroyed, most of the crew dead, and Lake missing. Following the cryptic symbols in Lake’s notebook, they search for him in the mountains only to uncover a massive, ancient, and seemingly dead city. As they search through the sprawling tomb, they come face-to-face with with ancient horrors that challenge their perceptions of reality.

In one year, we created two expressive CG characters, six unique environments, and one Eldritch abomination. We also had the pleasure of working with three amazing voice actors, an Emmy-winning composer, and a host of talented illustrators and designers.

WINNER: Drexel University Westphest 2016
ACCEPTED FILM: H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival, San Paulo, CA 2016

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