cropped-20160301_083916-1-1.jpgHey there! I’m Valentina, a CG artist and interactive designer based in Philadelphia, PA. I’m an artistic gal who loves VR/AR, film and animation, video games, and education technology.

I received my BS and MS from Drexel University, where I studied Animation, Visual Effects, and Digital Media. My focus as a CG artist is in modeling, texturing, and physically-plausible shading and rendering for VFX compositing. My MS research focuses on storytelling in a VR narrative, using environment staging and scripted cues to direct a viewer’s attention towards ideal frames. I created a VR documentary about one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered called DreadnoughtusVR, published and viewable on Jaunt VR.

I currently work at night kitchen interactive as an interactive designer, where I create mobile and AR / VR experiences for museums and cultural institutions. I also teach CGI, Animation, and Immersive Media classes at Drexel University.