“Immersive Media” minor program @ Drexel!

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  • Renders from "Tiny Window," A Daydream project that uses one environment in two timelines to tell the story of a couple's strained relationship.

I am excited to announce a successful wrap-up to the first quarter of my new Drexel class, DIGM 355: Overview of Immersive Media. This class is the first of a 3-part series of VR/AR capture and development courses that I designed for a new “Immersive Media” minor program at Drexel University. The minor provides a foundation in the principles, techniques and tools used in the design and production of virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR) and other forms of Immersive Media, with the opportunity for individualized tailoring according to the student’s interests.

For DIGM 355, the foundations class, I created a lecture series on usability, comfort, and interactive design for VR and mobile AR, located here via Google Drive. Each week’s lecture was accompanied by an assignment that teaches the pipeline, such as a “VR Video” made with Maya and Nuke, or an “AR business card” made in Unity and Vuforia. After completing a final pre-production phase with a project pitch, Students were tasked to design, implement, and iterate on a final Prototype project in teams of 4-5. The final prototypes were conducted in an Agile Development workflow over the course of 4 weeks and employ the mechanical and narrative design principles learned in class.

Read about the classes being offered Winter 2018 at Drexel’s ACELab, and check out the minor requirements if you’re interested in joining our flagship program! Please Note: We are offering course overrides for pre-requisites. If you are interested in the class but haven’t taken any intro animation courses, email me.