Monument Lab: The Built/Unbuilt Square

Rittenhouse_Photo by Steve Weinik_0

Night Kitchen collaborated to produce two digital viewfinders for The Built/Unbuilt Square, a VR/AR installation created for Mural Arts’ Monument Lab.

We collaborated with local artist Alexander Rosenberg on the concept, an amalgamation of events and legends that took place within sight of the viewfinders. I captured VR video of the viewfinder locations and stacked the frames to produce a perfectly still, immersive moment. We toyed with the idea of projecting augmentations over a live webcam, but determined that there were too many uncontrollable variables for AR in an outdoor space. Historical photos (sourced from archives and ephemera) are composited into the VR photospheres, presenting the rich history and stories of Rittenhouse Square.

To learn about this project, see the post on the Night Kitchen blog!