Spooky Spooky T-Shirts!




My awesome Senior Project team “Spooky Spooky Shoggoths” is now branded! We now have a spooky spooky mascot, and we’re printing t-shirts for our Senior Show. If anybody wants to get in on the spooky fun, shirts are only $10!

Please send any orders to valentina@valfx.net by 4/24/2015. Thanks!

Thesis update!


Just a quick update regarding my thesis!

Project Dreadnought is going extremely well, and I’m excited to continue this work for my Master’s thesis over the next year. This quarter marks the official beginning of production and muscle simulation tests. I’m now producing the animation collaboratively with a small team of co-op students and graduate researchers, and I’m so glad to work with such a passionate group of people!

Because I am working with so much unpublished research for this research block, I will not update my thesis page until further notice. Stay tuned!